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Mother's Day is coming, and I know we are all busy and you would like to get it sorted now...right?

So to get you primed and prepped for Mother's Day (UK Mother's Day is the 27th March) I thought I would offer out a little 2 kit bundle deal for you and your 'mother figure person', to hook alongside each other.

Katie, the fellow mum in your friendship group, who is in the trenches of motherhood with you,  who maybe would love to learn too... and you both need a great excuse for a regular Wednesday crochet meet up with wine?

Your own mum who needs a nice project she can make directly out of the box, with minimal faff?

Auntie Jean, who has been eager to try amigurumi and has a thing for frogs?

Your Grandma, whose style is just killer and she would love to make along on your holiday together later this year?


2 complete kits, just for a slightly discounted price!

I know a few of my customers have done this previously and said it was such a lovely experience to 'makealong' with a family member or friend, and I would LOVE to encourage more of that!

WOOHOO....go forth and make crochet joy with your hands.