Lattice White Blanket

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Scrunched into a ball, hidden under a rail of frocks in the back of a box... I dug this pristine lattice worked crochet blanket out of a charity shop recently.

It is too beautiful to be shoved away and forgotten about. This painstaking lattice work means that it shifts between square and rectangular with ease. 

It is a great shawl size doubled over into a triangle.

Folded out it measures approximately 145cm x 145cm.

Perfect for adding texture to the back of your sofa, with the added benefit of being cosy to snuggle under in the evenings. Perfect to tuck in a brand new baby. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

I thoroughly check over each blanket, wash, hang and recheck each blanket, then mending and reshaping before photographing them and listing them. This girl needed no work from me.  She is perfect.


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