No Crochet Left Behind Pastel Solid Crochet Cowl

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Calling all colour lovers!
This is a one of a kind solid granny neckwarmer, not to be replicated or reproduced, perfect for those who love something JUST for them.

I love doing cowls. They are my favourite. This one was created from some squares that have bee  upcycled as part of the #nocrochetleftbehind movement!

I take inspiration from the mix and match crochet of the 70's and my love of using every single last scrap of yarn and I think it works perfectly with a modern wardrobe, especially when matched with a simple coat. Perfect for that pop of bright colour!

Measuring approx 32 cm across and 32 cm deep.

Each cowl is made entirely by hand ensuring they are one of a kind and is ready to ship.

I use acrylic and cotton yarns, meaning that my handmade neckwear is vegan friendly and easily washed at 30°C.

Ooooo how about this....