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Mr Pigeon and I have been collaborating on a little something over the last few weeks and we can finally release it into the world!

Introducing the Palette Protector, your new bessie mate when it comes to keeping your colour palettes organised and in check.

I know how easy it is to lose the 'stuck in bit of yarn' in your scrappy little notebook or on a little rough bit of card.... cough me...., so I designed something to ensure your colour palettes are instagram pretty whilst being super practical and protected against your own memory! We've all been there wondering WHICH SHADE of cream it was we used!

Crafted with care by Mr Pigeon from high-quality 1.5mm ply wood, the Palette Protector is the perfect tool for keeping your colour swatches safe and secure. With room for 9 colours and space to write the shade, you'll never forget which hue you used on your latest masterpiece. Plus, with the added convenience of a keyring hole, you can keep your palettes together and never lose track of your favourite colours.

I know how important it is to keep track of your crochet hook size, so we've included space on the back of the Palette Protector for just that. Now you can switch between colours and hooks with ease, making your crochet projects a breeze and taking away that mental load, meaning MORE SPACE FOR JOY.

You can use a label machine to label your palettes or pencil to be able to erase and reuse at a later date! I love that you can reuse them.

We are selling these as singles, in packs of 3 (£12.50) and packs of 5 (£20).

We also have a few seconds which we are selling in PACKS OF THREE. Seconds may have a misaligned logo on the back or slight burn flare on the logo. They just weren't perfect so they are seconds!

Wire screw loops can be added to your order as an add on. We wanted to make sure that you can keep your palettes together easily!

Ooooo how about this....