Who Is Pigeon?

Hi Hi!

Pigeon, a white woman is looking straight at the camera, with her hands in her hair looking happily harrassed
I'm Bex, you can call me Pigeon, and I am the fast talking, one woman powerhouse behind The Pigeon's Nest. I'm a fibre artist and crochet designer, who wants you...yes you...to find the fun and make it FUNdamental in your day to day.
Pigeon is a college nickname I never did quite shake, and when I am not up to my elbows in yarn, I am also a mother of two, a dressing up box enthusiast and general creative joy seeker, who lives in West Sussex.
I have always made things. My parents used to lament at the amount of craft supplies adorning my bedroom floor throughout my childhood.
Joke's on them...now it is my job!
Pigeon is sat on the floor hooking crochet granny squares 

The Pigeon’s Nest officially started in 2012. I taught myself to crochet that year to fill a creativity deficit that I had whilst working with young people in the care sector. It was a creative job….but I have always needed a huge amount of creative output to keep me sated!

I began selling my crochet the same year alongside working my job, and then, a few years later, becoming a mother. I have pretty much built my business in 5 minute slots as and when I can find them.

Brightly coloured yarn dominates a shelving unit whchis Pigeon's kitchen office 

I run my handmade business from my home, usually at my kitchen table, surrounded by lego, art supplies with 70's and 80's music blaring from a speaker. It is truly my happy place.

 I am so passionate about people finding joy in the everyday, be it the colours of the crochet snood they pull on that makes them beam from ear to ear, seeing the toy they crocheted from one of my kits in the hand of their child or just simply dancing in the kitchen to their favourite song whilst doing the dishwasher.

I found that my creativity has grounded me throughout all the hard times in my life, and has helped me find joy in the smallest of things when the days are the darkest. I am all about encouraging and inspiring people to find 5 minutes of creative joy wherever they can in their lives.

Pigeon dressed as Madonna with a crochet corset


You can keep up to date with the 'WHOLE SHOW' over on my Instagram.

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