No Crochet Left Behind

Crochet blankets are traditionally made and given as heirloom pieces to families. For new couples and new babies, they eptiomise wrapping up something you love to keep it warm and safe. 
Baby looking cosy under crochet blanket
But what happens to these beautiful creations when they age? When they get damaged? When they end up in the hands of someone who doesn't understand their worth or it doesn't fit their home decor style?
They end up languishing in the back of an airing cupboard, or worse, in landfill.
As a crocheter myself, I know how long these amazing creations must have taken to make, and I will be dammed if I let any of that lovingly spent time end up in landfill, or not being appreciated and seen every single day. Not on my watch!
So I am introducing a new service, a new rallying cry of…. NO CROCHET LEFT BEHIND!
Not only will I be rescuing damaged and misshapen crochet pieces from car boots sales, thrift shops and online, to restore to their former glory, to adapt and adjust them for a new life in a new home, but I will also be offering repair services to you for your damaged heirloom crochet that is just sat waiting in your airing cupboard or attic to be used and loved again. 
I know that some of these crochet pieces are made by relatives or friends who are no longer with us, and that makes them so so special and worthy of repair or repurpose.
If you are interested in having your own heirloom piece repaired, contact me here for a consultation. 
Rescued crochet rehoming will happen a few times throughout the year when I have a stack all ready; rescued, revitalised and repaired.
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