Resting Stitch Face Sticker

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Introducing the "Resting Stitch Face" Die Cut Sticker - a hilarious and quirky way to show off your yarn crafting skills! Featuring a male crocheter, this sticker breaks the gender norms in the crafting world and adds a touch of humor to your crafting gear.

Measuring 70mm x 70mm, it's the perfect size to make a statement on your laptop, water bottle, or anywhere you want to show off your stitching prowess.

This sticker combines humor and creativity in a unique design. With its funny play on words and unexpected male representation, it's sure to catch the eye and spark conversations wherever you stick it.

Crafted from top-quality vinyl, this sticker is built to last. It's fade-resistant, and designed to endure all of your yarn-filled adventures. Plus, with its easy-peel backing, applying it to any smooth surface is a breeze - just peel and stick!

Perfect for male and female crocheters alike, this sticker celebrates the universal experience of "resting stitch face" - that focused, serious expression that comes over us when we're deep in the crochet zone. It's a humorous nod to the dedication and concentration that goes into every stitch, and a playful way to showcase your love for yarn crafting.

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These glossy stickers are not waterproof so please take that under advisement when sticking them.

These are also permanent stickers and cannot be removed in one piece after sticking!

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