'Eat Cake, Stay Angry' sticker

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Sometimes I say things.... and sometimes they stick.

'Eat Cake, Stay Angry' came out of a rant about the 'New Year New You' crap that floods women's timelines every January. The ads that tells us to sniff this oil instead of eating. The jolly voices that peddle the 'lose weight, be more attractive to men' message.

The patriarchy likes us small, it likes us hungry and distracted.... because if we are worrying about our calories and our bodies not fitting a certain body type that is currently fashionable, we aren't getting angry about other things... like the fact that women are STILL being paid less, being murdered by off duty police officers, and are losing their rights to bodily autonomy. 

Apparently I am not the only angry one.

You asked for it as a sticker. So here it is.

Measuring 85mm x 70mm, these glossy stickers are not waterproof so please take that under advisement when sticking them.

These are also permanent stickers and cannot be removed in one piece after sticking!

Ooooo how about this....