Learn to Crochet With Me!

Feet wearing crochet slippers, stood on a doorstep with a basket of yarn and cup of tea

So you want to make your own crochet creations?

I was in your shoes nearly a decade ago. I taught myself from books as the pleothra of videos out there weren't clear enough for me... I swore a lot, I threw my work and I actually almost gave up.... so I know how unachievable it can feel.

I also know that the jargon we crocheters use can feel overwhelming, patterns look like another language, and working out if you have the right size hook and yarn combo to even start makes you want to shove it all in a box and never look at it again... so I am here to help with all of that.

The Nada to Ta-Da Crochet Kit Course is part online course, part physical kit. Super mangeable chunked online videos with all the materials you need to get you started.

This course runs like you are in my kitchen with me, learning in person, but with the added bonus of being able to repeat sections over and over again, and pause me when you need another cup of tea or a wee!

I am also ALWAYS here to help you along if you need it, there are no stupid questions!

If you need me you can aways contact me via the Contact Page or slide into my DMs on Instagram!

Get Learning Now!


If you fancy getting your own materials, or maybe you have some left over from your last attempt, you can just grab my digital course version! Same online videos as the full kit course...but you could start NOW!



So you have got the basics and want the next step?

Completed my course and you are now a bit addicted?

Try a stripe cowl kit, or my rainbow blanket kit, or if you are feeling brave...a Yes You Cardi-Can cardigan?

Have a browse of all my patterns if you don't need a kit!

I cannot wait to see what you make!

Feel free to tag me on instagram @thepigeonsnest or to pop me pics to info@thepigeonsnest.com

Happy Hooking!