Yes You Cardi-Can Cardigan Digital PDF Crochet Pattern

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In 2021, when I started hooking myself a cardigan, I was full of self doubt. I wasn't sure I had the skills, me… nearly a decade into crocheting… I wasn't sure I could do it.

But I decided to give it a go anyway, documenting it on Instagram as I created it, and I started building something that I fell in love with…and that my community did too.

When I decided to make a crochet pattern for the Yes You Cardi-Can, I realised it couldn't be the dry, hook by numbers recipe that most crochet patterns were.

I wanted to instill confidence into my fellow crocheters, who like me in 2021, might not think they have the skills. But you do…if you can make a simple granny square, then Yes You Cardi-Can.

So my voice is weaved into the pattern via italic asides, giving you hints, tips and hopefully virtually holding your hand, so you can feel self-assured that you can make your own cardi-can.

In this UK crochet term pattern there are 4 ‘Fits’ - not sizes, and these fits are determined by one simple body measurement. You can size up for oversized or down for a snugger fit and modify your ‘Cardi-Can’ and make something truly unique using the formula provided.

I also teach you the mechanics of HOW to fit it to your body as you go through the pattern, giving you that confidence to customise, but to always make something that works.

The PDF is UK crochet terms and is sent to you immediately after purchase.

If you would prefer the professionally printed pattern, you can get that here.

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