Crochet Granny Square Blocking Board

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Mr Pigeon has been at it again and he has created a midi blocking board that are finally ready to share with you!

Made as sustainably as possible using wood solely from the 'scraps bin' from our lovely local timber merchant, this solid mahogany blocking board is drilled, routed, beautifully sanded and oiled by hand.

They measure 25cm x 25cm x 2cm.

Mr Pigeon has also cut and sanded 8 dowels for each board, making them the perfect height of 15cm. Long enough to hold a good stack of squares without the dowels bending in under the pressure of the stretch of the yarn. 

Most boards only come with 4 dowels... but I know I always need a couple extra! 

I can personal attest to how tactile and lovely they feel... you are lucky I am listing these as I wanted to keep them all!



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