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When we bought our campervan Rita there was a temptation to kit her out in all 'new' stuff... but of course we held off and I upcycled a few bits we already had!

I added mug cosies to 4 of our ceramic coffee cups to stop them clinking in the cupboard as we drove, and I thought I'd share the super easy pattern with you here!

Use 2 strands of DK together with a 4mm hook... I colour coordinated with the mugs and used a grey too.

Chain 13. Htr in 3rd st from hook. Htr in each st for 10 sts.

Turn, ch2, htr in each st * repeat till you get the length you need to go around your mug.

Sew on a button and use your htr gap to pop it through.

Sip smugly.

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