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I love a bit of repurposing and reycling. In fact, 'keep that, it'll come in handy' is a life mantra passed down to me from my Dad and my Grandad.

Here is a little crochet recipe for how to upcycle those pasta bake/pesto/peanut butter jars into the perfect pen or hook holder!

These also make great little posy vases, and would also be great to fill for secret santa or stockings! The possibility is endless.

Please note...this is more of a guide than a strict pattern, because I have NO IDEA what kind of jar you are using!

Using a 3mm hook and depending on how big the base of your jar is, keep increasing by 6, until your crochet circle is about the same size as the base of the jar. For example....

R1: MC 6st (6sts)

R2: 2 DC into each st (12sts)

R3: 2 DC into next st, DC into next st* repeat 6 times (18sts)

R4: 2 DC into next st, DC into the next 2 sts* repeat 6 times (24sts)

R5: 2 DC into next st, DC into the next 3 sts* repeat 6 times (30sts)

R6: 2 DC into next st, DC into the next 4 sts* repeat 6 times (36sts)

When you reach the same size as your jar base, note how many sts it was.

Ch1 and do the same amount of sts around IBL only. This helps shape it up the jar, when you put it in later. You can put the jar in now but it makes it more awkward!

Then repeat the same amount of sts around and around and around (depending on the height of your jar).

I like to colour block mine, so I tend to go 1 third up, then fasten off.Ā  Then rejoin in with another colour and repeat the same amount of stitches to the top.

At 3/4's of the way up, I pop the jar in and hook around the jar. It will clink against your hook, so maybe not one for doing in front of the telly with others in the room!

As you reach the top, you may have to decrease a few stitches to fit with the neck of the jar. You can do this by eye, decreasing as and when you need to.

Fasten off and use a large eyed needle to weave in and smooth that top edge.


Now go and raid the recycling for more jars....because it gets a bit addictive....

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  • Fabulous pattern Rebecca even better if you have plastic tumblers ( like me) from one easter party & summer parties that no one uses then they can be repurposed also šŸ’– so now I think I should make a cover for the plastic pint tumber Iā€™m using for hooks & specs at the side of my bed. šŸ’–

    Isabella Lindsay on

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